People in a relationship may differ in how much sex they want. Mismatched sex drives are common but may cause a strain in a relationship if the couple does not learn to manage their differences. There are many factors that can cause this, including medication, hormones, and stress. You and your partner probably have a […]

The hashtag #postbabyhankypanky is having a moment right now, joining all the other birth-related hashtags (#newbaby, #newborn, #momlife, #momreality, and #postbaby, to name a few). Dalhousie University’s Hera Schlagintweit and her colleagues surveying new parents discovered that sexual concerns were not only frequent, but also a substantial source of stress for many of them. The […]

A fetish can be defined as anything that triggers feelings of sexual desire in a person that is usually nonsexual. A fetish is when something completely ordinary brings you great pleasure and fulfilment sexually. As well as having a fetish for something (like feet), you can also have a fetish for a place (such as […]

Sex toys can be a great way to ensure that all parties are having fun during sex. From finding new erogenous zones to learning how to reach orgasm, vibrators can enhance intimacy with your partner. Everyone has different needs and desires, and sex toys can be a great way to make sure everyone can finish. […]

When talking about safe sex, there are two main points that come to mind. Protecting yourself against sexually transmitted diseases (STI’s), and preventing an unwanted pregnancy. However, there are many other factors that fall into the ‘Safe Sex’ spectrum that are often overlooked, like consent, communication, and aftercare. Sex is a very normal and important […]

Inadequate lubrication is the most common cause of painful sex! A person can be aroused even if they aren’t wet. (This is known as arousal non-concordance.) Likewise, natural lubricant can occur in the absence of arousal. Using lubricant during any type of play – partnered or otherwise – helps protect your sensitive bits from irritation […]