Individual Intimacy Therapy

It is completely normal to have apprehension when discussing intimate details that could be preventing you from having the sex life you want, or even the confidence to have the sex life you want. Most sexual issues have an underlying bio-psycho-social cause, which means many sexual dysfunctions can stem from our experiences, thoughts, and what is going on with the body.

During therapy sessions, we can explore these issues to get you on a happier trajectory. You will be provided guidance and education in a safe, honest, non-judgemental environment.

Common issues worked within sex therapy include:

  • Gain Sexual Confidence
  • Erectile Dysfunction Management
  • Premature, delayed ejaculation
  • Painful sex (Vaginismus, vulvodynia, dysparenuia)
  • Examine How Depression Affects Sexual Functioning
  • Challenges with communication about sex, intimacy, or pleasure
  • Mismatched libido
  • Fear of intimacy
  • Erotic recovery after an affair
  • Talking to kids about sex
  • Sexual compulsions
  • Sexual shame
  • Fetish