Tired of boring and monotonous date nights that do nothing for your sex life or relationship?

Whether you’re married or have been in a relationship for a while, things can get a bit stale and boring if you don’t put effort into keeping the spark ignited.

That’s where sexy date nights can help bring up the heat and reignite the passion in your relationship.


“Aren’t scheduled sex dates boring?”


I’m just going to tell you, hell no!

They can be the key to becoming lovers again instead of roommates. And they can even be the answer to sexless marriages.

Because in our busy, hectic lives, it’s easy to lose our connection with our partners. Work, chores, kids — everything else takes priority, and it’s easy to put pleasure at the bottom of the pile.

So, it’s crucial for partners to take quality time out for each other, to build excitement, intimacy, trust, connection, closeness, and have so much fun. You know, some stress-free adult playtime together.

Frequent sex dates won’t only bring you closer in your relationship, but regular sex with your partner has also proven to have several health benefits and increase your quality of life.

And don’t worry. These ideas aren’t your regular movie-meal-missionary style dates. These are meant to be more adventurous and saucy.


  1. Mystery Date

This one will require a little bit of planning, but trust me — it’s worth it.

A mystery date starts to get the anticipation going. And the sexual anticipation and tension are what make the lovemaking super hot.

Here’s what you do:

  • You’re going to plan a night out or in, but you won’t give any details to your partner. All they know is the date and time. As the date nears, the thrill and excitement will build up. And the idea in their mind of what will happen will boost their horniness level and get them thinking about you.
  • Then, you’re going to choose an inherently romantic location. This could be in your lounge with a private dance lesson, a candlelit dinner in your favourite restaurant, live music, or a picnic in a tent in your garden. All that matters is that you keep quiet about all the details until the last minute.
  • And after the date, you can always choose to up the ante by completing the sensual surprise by revealing some sexy lingerie or offering a sensual massage.
  1. Sensual Cooking Class

Of course, food and romance have always gone hand in hand, but this isn’t just any cooking class.

You’re going to choose foods that are considered aphrodisiacs — things like artichokes, asparagus, figs, oysters, chocolate, strawberries, or something that you both just really enjoy.

And you’re going to make the act of preparing this food sensual.

  • Put on music as you cook.
  • Wear something that makes you feel sexy.
  • Offer your partner little tastes as you cook. Feed each other, and savour the flavours.

Bring all your senses on board — smell, the sound of cooking, the tastes, the texture.

This sensual cooking class is followed by enjoying a meal together. No phones in sight. There should be no phones at all for ANY of these dates.

Just savour the meal, be connected, play a romantic playlist, and enjoy a glass of wine or drink. Plus, to make it even sexier, you could choose a specific dress code, such as aprons only, lingerie, a sexy dress and suit, or you can choose to be a naked chef.

3. Private Movie Night

For this date, you’re going to choose a movie that’s a little bit saucy. Something like “9½ Weeks”, “50 Shades of Gray”, or “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”.

Then, create some kind of boudoir space. Put out cushions and blankets to make it cosy, add your favourite movie snacks, a beverage or two, and some comfy and accessible clothes.

The goal is to get cosy, intimate and relaxed with a movie that can be slightly more visually tantalizing and suggestive.

Allow intimacy to unfold in any way it might naturally. Allow your creativity and sensuality to take over here.

4. Saucy Couples Game

The next sexy date idea is to try a saucy couples’ game night. Something like “Monogamy”, “Truth or Dare”, or “Strip Poker”. You could even spice up “Twister” or a dice game.

The aim here is fun and playful competition. You can incorporate subtle touches and maybe even add a strip element if you’re comfortable.

Choose the rules beforehand so you’re comfortable with what you’ve agreed to. This is a fun way to let things naturally unfold. The main aim of this sexy date idea is to connect, have fun, and be present.

5. Bedroom Makeover

Here, you’re going to plan a sexy staycation in your room, transforming the space into a romantic sanctuary.

Hide pictures of the kids, put the washing away in the cupboard, put out rose petals, and set the mood with music and plush bedding. Include massage oil, a platter of sexy snacks, and your favourite beverage.

These are hassle-free, creative, and sensual ideas that’ll bring back the spark and make you feel like you’re in the honeymoon phase of your relationship again.